PoopLog for Android

  • Track your bowel movements using the Bristol Stool Scale
  • Attach a photo, your location, a note, or 20+ other options
  • Export reports for easy analysis (Text, HTML & CSV)
  • Share your PoopLog with any other Android App
  • Supports Large Screens, Tablets & Phones
  • Totals, Trends, Charts & Calendar Views
  • 100% Free! Supports Android 2.3 and up!

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PoopLog Screenshot

"This app is very user friendly! A must have for anyone dealing with tummy/bowel issues! Thank you for making this so easy!" -Dana

PoopLog Screenshots
20+ Options Available

Location, Photos, Notes, Colors, Blood and Mucus Content, Prior Discomfort, Urgency Level and Pain Level, Medication, Evacuation Completeness, Headache, Nausea, Fever, Backache, Cramps, Corn & More!

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Easy To Review History

Review your PoopLog history as an expandable list, separated by month; or display each entry directly on a calendar! Map view coming soon! On large screens, your entry details will be displayed alongside your history!

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Chart, Totals & Trends

Pie charts, Bar charts, Scatter charts, Averages, and Totals. PoopLog empowers you to know more about your bowel health, inside and out!

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Reporting & Analysis

Create, Save, and Share customized reports for anyone to review. Choose between an easy-to-read plain-text report, a rich-text report with embedded photos, or a CSV report which unleashes your data, making it available to import into any spreadsheet or charting app for further analysis.

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Focus on the Details

Every PoopLog entry is viewable as a rich, detailed view. On large screens and tablets, your details will be displayed in a secondary pane alongside your Overview or History views.

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Share your PoopLog

When you share any PoopLog entry, you can choose to share only a few, or all of the options attached to that entry (location, note and photo only for example).

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"Very cool app! I find myself eager to take dumps so i can log them! Thanks!" -Scott

Frequently Asked Questions

Why develop PoopLog? Is it a joke application?

As silly as it is, I developed the original version of PoopLog out of an actual need to track my bowel movements. I suffer from a stomach-related illness and years ago my doctor requested that I track my bowel movements based on the Bristol Stool Scale. At first, I started tracking it on paper, and then on a spreadsheet. I quickly realized my Android phone would be the most convenient tracker, since I often use it on the toilet.

I wrote and released the very first version of PoopLog for Android in July 2010, and continued to update it for about a year, until other projects took my focus. As the Android OS matured, I decided to sketch out what a redesigned PoopLog would look like, including many of the features requested by my users. I worked a few hours every week over the past few years to develop this latest jam-packed update, and I hope that you find PoopLog useful and fun, as silly as it may be.

I can really attach my location/photo to my PoopLog? Why?

These weren't original features of PoopLog. For some reason, these were the most requested features from my users so I had no choice but to include them!

Photos are stored to your internal storage in the /PoopLog/Photos/ folder. You can choose to hide or show PoopLog photos in your device's gallery; this option is configurable through the PoopLog application settings (Settings > Privacy) and the default is to hide any photos taken. While most versions of Android observe this setting and will ignore scanning your photos for the gallery, some versions of Android operate in a non-standard way and will scan everything, regardless of this setting; It has been reported that many Android 4.0 devices suffer from this unfortunate inconsistency. Location is only available to devices with Google Play Services (for now) and requires Android 3.0 or later.

Why does PoopLog require install permissions?

The following permissions are required for their respective reasons:

Why can't I share my PoopLog directly to [insert any app here] ?

Some apps contain a flaw where it believes you are attempting to share a link, rather than share text. If you are having an issue with a particular app, feel free to email me. and I'll see what I can do to support it!

What features can be expected in future versions of PoopLog?

The update to version 2.5 took me over 3 years to complete , and I still have more ideas. Most immediately, a Map History View will display your PoopLog entry locations around the world, or just around your town. Soon after that, I plan on adding the ability to store PoopLog data for multiple people/pets in the same app! If you have any suggestions, comments, ideas, or any feedback at all, email me at feedback@kefsco.com.

Is PoopLog open-source?

Sorry, no. Maybe one day.

Will PoopLog ever be an iPhone/iPad/iOS app?


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"Omg I never thought they would have something like this! This is great! This is the best and really helps me!" -Marisol

Version History

2.52; latest version; released 10/26/2016

2.51; released 10/06/2016 *minor bugfix*

2.5; released 10/03/2016 *MAJOR UPDATE*

This release took me 3+ years to complete, working a few hours every week. Most of the features are new to this version.
Click here to read my story about this latest update

2.02; released 04/29/2011

  • add new pooplog/settings: added ability to log pain level (0-10); enable via settings > defaults > hide pain level (default: hidden)

  • add new pooplog: fixed bug reported by awesome user DaveB where passkey is not checked on view log from add new

  • view pooplog: added pain level to viewlog list and details activities

  • share: added pain level to share text (only if pain level is enabled)

  • settings: added/clarified subtext descriptions for all settings menu items

  • help: updated help text to include new pain level options

2.01; released 04/07/2011

  • add new pooplog: fixed bug where 'hide descriptions' preference would reset; this option can be modified via settings > defaults > hide descriptions (default: show)

  • view pooplog: added ability to view relative, literal numeric, or literal word dates in the view log list; this option can be modified via settings > defaults > view log date format (default: relative)

  • help: added link to version history, added new feature info to help

2.0; released 03/20/2011 *MAJOR UPDATE*

  • global:updated ux across entire app

  • add new pooplog: created new single-screen activity encapsulating all steps (logging steps were previously separated into three activities)

  • add new pooplog: added ability to attach a photo to each entry (by popular request) photos are saved by default to /PoopLog/Photos/

  • add new pooplog: rebuilt share function to allow for sharing of photo or text, with or without note

  • add new pooplog: copy to clipboard now asks to copy with or without note

  • add new pooplog: note now checks if it's blank before saving

  • view pooplog: added new icon indicators for each entry (w/ note/photo)

  • view pooplog: fixed bug where viewlog would crash if entry count = 0 upon deleting last entry

  • view pooplog: removed summary showing count/most common. this will be returning in a later version, which much more detailed information/charts

  • settings: added settings activity (new)

  • settings: added ability to set default poop type and volume when adding new pooplog

  • settings: added ability to show or hide step descriptions when adding new pooplog

  • settings: added ability to show or hide attached photos in the android gallery (via .nomedia file)

  • settings: passkey settings migrated from home screen > menu

  • settings: generate report migrated to settings > import/export

  • settings: added ability to include entry photo paths to generated report

  • settings: exported reports are now saved to /PoopLog/Reports instead of /PoopLog/reports/

  • settings: added import plain-text report function for easy data migration between devices (see help for detailed information)

  • settings: added delete entire database function to clear all tracked data (does not delete saved photos or exported reports)

  • help: recreated the entire help activity and text

0.7; released 08/17/2010

  • *PoopLog Reporting*added customizable reporting feature available from 'view pooplog' screen. generate report with or without: header, bristol stool scale, entry number, date, amount, type number, type description, attached notes, elapsed time between entries. once report is generated, you can: edit, share, copy to clipboard, save to sd

  • replaced view pooplog 'main menu' button with 'reporting' button

  • removed most activity title bars to increase app screen real estate

  • changed keyevent code on passkey textboxes to handle del key (not perfected yet)

  • added dependency for protection options in passkey preferences

  • added lock icon to title screen buttons if they are protected with a passkey

  • increased font size slightly in help/about

0.61; released 08/11/2010

  • fixed minor bug where 'what's new' would show more than just once at initial launch

  • added version history to bottom of help/about

  • cleaned up help/about layout

0.6; released 08/09/2010

  • created sparse summary activity/layout, added count and most common

  • added 1-4 digit passkey protection option (press menu at title screen)

  • added 'copy to clipboard' option for apps that don't allow sharing with (ie: facebook)

  • added explanation about lack of facebook sharing to help/about

  • changed help/about urls and text to be more direct/clear

  • added a show once 'what's new' dialog on first run after upgrade/new install

0.5; released 07/16/2010

  • added note text to viewlog details suggested by @andrianoid

  • fixed note saving/display bug

  • allow 0 length notes in order to remove note (will replace with remove note button in future)

  • modified low/med/high title screen icon and title tile gfk

  • fixed amount screen from resetting value on rotation

  • fixed help/about screen from resetting scroll position on rotation

  • added credits and kefsco references to help/about

  • initial release and publication to the android market!!!

0.4; pre-release version 06/04/2010

  • built viewlog listactivity, shows relevant data instead of raw data (implemented custom cursoradapdter)

  • built viewlog onclick to open details with edit/add note, share, delete

  • themed viewlog to match rest of application, added background gradients, icons, note indicator

  • added main menu and summary buttons to bottom of viewlog

  • unable to view log unless entry count is greater than 0

0.3; pre-release version 06/01/2010

  • started logging changes

  • added comments to java code

  • removed quit buttons

  • using sharedprefs to store data between activities, rather than getExtras/putExtras

  • share button now working to share text intent

  • added subject to share intent

  • alternate main screen p/l layouts

  • streamlined all layouts

  • view log works, but is useless. next version to have updated view log.

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